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Charcoal: Beyond the BBQ

Charcoal: Beyond the BBQ

When most people think of charcoal, they envision summer barbecues and grilling. However, charcoal has a myriad of other uses that can significantly impact your everyday life. From improving your garden soil to purifying water, let's explore the diverse applications of charcoal beyond the BBQ.

1. Gardening with Biochar

Biochar, a form of charcoal used in gardening, is known for its ability to improve soil health. Made from organic materials burned at high temperatures in a low-oxygen environment, biochar enhances soil fertility by retaining moisture and nutrients. Studies show that adding biochar to soil can increase crop yields by up to 25%1. For more information on biochar, visit the International Biochar Initiative.

2. Water Filtration

Activated charcoal is a powerful tool for water filtration. Its porous structure allows it to trap impurities, making water safe to drink. This process is used in many household water filters and large-scale water treatment plants. According to the World Health Organization, activated charcoal can remove chlorine, sediment, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), taste, and odour from water2.

3. Air Purification

Charcoal can also be used to purify the air. Activated charcoal air purifiers can remove toxins, allergens, and other pollutants from your home. This is particularly beneficial for individuals with allergies or asthma. The UK’s National Health Service (NHS) notes that clean air can significantly reduce respiratory problems3.

4. Odour Control

From refrigerators to shoes, activated charcoal is excellent for odour control. Its absorptive properties allow it to capture and neutralise unpleasant smells. It's a natural, chemical-free solution for keeping spaces fresh.

5. Health and Wellness

Activated charcoal is often used in health and wellness products. It's known for its detoxifying properties, used in everything from toothpaste to face masks. Research has shown that activated charcoal can bind to toxins and gases, helping to eliminate them from the body4.


Charcoal's versatility extends far beyond the barbecue. Whether you’re looking to enhance your garden, purify your water, clean your air, or improve your health, charcoal offers natural, effective solutions. By exploring these alternative uses, you can make more informed decisions and enhance your quality of life.

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