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J&H Blog

  • Charcoal: Beyond the BBQ
    July 5, 2024

    Charcoal: Beyond the BBQ

    When most people think of charcoal, they envision summer barbecues and grilling. However, charcoal has a myriad of other uses that can significantly impact your everyday life. From improving your garden soil to purifying water, let's explore the diverse applications...

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  • understanding-log-harvesting-seasons
    June 28, 2024

    A Year in the Forest: Understanding Log Harvesting Seasons

    Log harvesting is a practice deeply intertwined with the rhythms of nature. Different seasons offer unique conditions that affect the quality and efficiency of log harvesting. Understanding these seasonal variations can help both producers and consumers make informed decisions about...

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  • How to Make Wood Stacking Look Nice
    June 7, 2024

    How to Make Wood Stacking Look Nice

    Wood stacking can be more than just a practical necessity; it can also be a stylish element of your home’s interior design. By using creative stacking techniques, you can transform your firewood into a beautiful feature that complements your decor....

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  • Surprising Health Benefits of Wood-Burning Stoves
    May 31, 2024

    Surprising Health Benefits of Wood-Burning Stoves

    Wood-burning stoves are becoming increasingly popular in the UK, not just for their heating efficiency but also for the numerous health benefits they offer. From physical and mental health improvements to fostering social connections, wood-burning stoves can positively impact your...

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