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J&H Logs Buying Guide

J&H Logs Buying Guide

Welcome to J&H Logs! We're all about:

Quality: Only the best locally sourced logs for your fires.

Simplicity: Effortless selection and ordering process.

Sustainability: Environmentally conscious choices for your warmth.

Hassle Free Logs

We've designed our products and processes to be simple and straightforwards for a stress free log buying experience.

We source all our wood from a 30 mile radius. This means your order could include a rich mix of hardwoods or even a single type, depending on the season.

Whichever the mix - oak, ash, beech, or birch, expect a consistent, high-quality burn and outstanding energy output.

Key Things To Consider Before Buying Firewood

1. Assess Your Budget

Consideration: What are you comfortable spending on firewood? Balancing cost with quality is crucial.

2. Storage Space Evaluation

Consideration: Do you have ample space to store firewood? Choosing the right quantity matters for efficient storage.

3. Usage Frequency and Timing

Consideration: How often and when do you plan to use the firewood? This helps in selecting the right type and quantity.

4. Preparation Effort

Consideration: How much effort are you willing to invest in preparing the firewood for burning? Some logs may require additional preparation.

5. Environmental Impact

Consideration: How important is the sustainability of your firewood choice? Eco-friendly options might be a priority for you.

Answering these questions will guide you to the right firewood choice, aligning with your needs and values.

Our Product Range

A Perfect J&H Log for Every Occasion

8" Seasoned Hardwood Logs - Builders Tonne Size Sack

Best For: Compact stoves, pizza ovens.
Why Choose: Small, efficient, great for cooking.

10" Seasoned Hardwood Logs - Builders Tonne Size Sack

Best For: Smaller burners, fireplaces.
Why Choose: Ideal size for compact heating solutions.

16" Seasoned Hardwood Logs - Builders Tonne Size Sack

Best For: Larger burners, open fires.
Why Choose: Longer burn, perfect for spacious areas.

Premium Kiln Dried Hardwood Logs - Builders Tonne Size Sack

Best For: Efficient, clean home heating.
Why Choose: Low moisture, high burn efficiency.

Premium Kiln Dried Hardwood Logs In Bulk Bags

Best For: Stocking up for the season.
Why Choose: Bulk purchase, convenient, long-lasting.

Seasoned Hardwood Logs - Pallet Load

Best For: Extensive heating needs.
Why Choose: Bulk supply, great for long-term use.

Nets of Premium Kiln Dried Hardwood Logs

Best For: Consistent, high-quality burn.
Why Choose: Uniform size, less moisture, more heat.

Nets of Seasoned Hardwood Logs

Best For: Versatile burning needs.
Why Choose: Ready to burn, ideal for various uses.

Premium Smokeless Coal

Best For: Smoke-free burning.
Why Choose: Ideal for smoke-controlled areas.

Kindling - Net Bag

Best For: Starting any fire.
Why Choose: Quick ignition, gets fires going fast.

Explore J&H Logs' diverse range and find the perfect fit for your fire needs – quality and convenience in every sack and pallet!

Logs for.....

Logs for Single Door Log Burners

Best Choices: 8" and 10" Seasoned Hardwood Logs.

Why They Work: Perfectly sized for efficient burning in compact spaces.

Logs for Double Door Log Burners

Best Choice: 16" Seasoned Hardwood Logs.

Why It Works: Ideal for the larger chamber, providing a longer and more robust burn.

Logs for Open Fires

Best Choices: 16" Seasoned Hardwood Logs or Pallet Load.

Why They Work: Ensures prolonged burn time, perfect for open spaces.

Logs for Pizza Ovens

Best Choices: 8" Seasoned Hardwood Logs or Kiln Dried Logs.

Why They Work: Provide consistent heat, essential for even cooking.

Logs for Fire Pits

Best Choice: Seasoned Hardwood Logs.

Why It Works: Offers a delightful aroma and long-lasting burn, enhancing the outdoor experience.

Logs for Chimneys

Best Choices: Kiln Dried Logs or smaller Seasoned Hardwood Logs.

Why They Work: Controlled burning, suitable for the contained space of chimneys.
Find the ideal log for your specific situation and enjoy the perfect burn every time with J&H Logs.

Why Quality Matters:

Our Selection: Oak, Ash, Beech, and Birch

Why These Woods?: We focus on these hardwoods because of their high density. This quality ensures that they burn slowly and evenly, providing a longer-lasting and more efficient heat source.

The Benefits of High-Quality Firewood

Consistent Burn: Our logs offer a steady burn, crucial for maintaining a consistent temperature. Whether you're warming your home or setting a mood, our logs ensure a reliable and continuous burn.

High Energy Output: Expect more heat from less wood. Our firewood is not just about the warmth; it's about delivering maximum efficiency. This means you enjoy greater heat output from each log, ensuring both cost-effectiveness and reduced wood consumption.

Choosing J&H Logs means opting for firewood that offers a superior burn and more energy-efficient heating. Discover the difference quality makes with every fire you light.

Being Sustainable

Local Sourcing = Positive Global Impact.

Close to Home: We source our wood from within a 30-mile radius.

Support Local: This practice boosts local forestry and reduces transportation emissions.

Environmental Benefits 

Reduced Carbon Footprint: Less travel means lower carbon emissions.

Sustainable Forestry: Our sourcing encourages healthy forest management.

Waste Reduction: We utilise every part of the tree, minimising waste.

Choosing J&H Logs is not just about getting the best firewood; it's about making a positive environmental choice for our planet.

Placing Your Order

How to Order Your Perfect Logs

Ordering Online

Navigate: Go to our website and browse our product range.
Select & Add to Cart: Choose your preferred logs and quantities.
Checkout: Enter your delivery details and make a secure payment.

Ordering via Phone

Call or Chat: Reach out to our friendly team for personalised assistance.
Place Your Order: Let us know what you need, and we'll handle the rest.

Local Delivery Stacking as Standard

We barrow and stack the logs in your desired wood store with:

  • Text message notifications to keep you up to date.
  • Friendly drivers who take the time to unload and stack your order.
  • Timed deliveries, if needed, to suit your schedule. 

Final Consideration

Choosing J&H Logs means opting for top-quality, sustainably sourced firewood. We are a family business dedicated to providing you with the best logs that are not only efficient and long-lasting but also environmentally friendly. Our commitment to simplicity and customer satisfaction ensures a seamless experience from selection to delivery. Make a sustainable choice today with J&H Logs – where quality meets responsibility.

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