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Happiness in Logs

Happiness in Logs

So this year we have invested in a kiln.  After last winter, although we had plenty of logs, we want to make sure no matter how long the winter lasts we will always be able to deliver.

Here is Jon looking very happy with his lovely dry logs ready for this winter!

So what is the difference between just cut, seasoned and kiln dried?

Well as the  suggests just cut, means the wood has been cut and then bagged, it will be wet, it will smoulder and blacken the door on your log burner.  

Seasoned - this can be bit of a grey area - as there is no definition how long a log is seasoned for before it is dry - it also depends upon the type of storage.  At J&H we have large open barns where the logs get rotated and the wind can blow through and dry the logs, meaning they get seasoned properly.  Properly I mean, they are less than 20% moisture content which is what we want for the environment and of course will burn well and keep you warm.  

Kiln dried, is the process of putting the logs into a kiln where they are heated to dry within a period to make sure they dry.  Again though, unless your supplier is Woodsure approved, someone selling kiln dried could show them their kiln for a few hours, say they are kiln dried, but infact they are not actually dry!

My advice is to buy from a source which is Woodsure approved with the Ready to Burn certificate, then you know you are getting the best wood!

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