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We're all fired up by Woodsure Ready to Burn certification!

We're all fired up by Woodsure Ready to Burn certification!

It's official! We are delighted to have been awarded Woodsure Ready to Burn certification. This prestigious accolade is only given to suppliers of top quality dried logs with moisture content below 20%.

Ever since we started our family business, we have focused on delivering quality dried and seasoned hardwood logs from sustainable sources. In addition, we've made sure outstanding customer service is at the heart of what we do. That’s why we’re so pleased with this recent endorsement from Woodsure.

About Woodsure Ready to Burn

Woodsure’s aim is to improve the quality of woodfuel throughout the UK. Wherever you see the Woodsure Ready to Burn certification mark and logo, you can be confident that your woodfuel supplier has been independently checked and audited to make sure their products are of the highest quality – and sustainably sourced. A not-for-profit organisation, Woodsure is backed by Defra, HETAS and the Stove Industry Alliance.

Dried logs – better for you, better for the environment

Not all firewood logs are ready to burn. For example, freshly cut logs are likely to have a moisture content of between 65%-90%, depending on the type of tree they came from. Even firewood logs that have been cut and stored for some time can still contain lots of moisture. This isn't just from rain but also from damp or humid air.

Modern wood-burning stoves are simply not designed to burn damp woodfuel. Burning damp wood on an open fire is also unwise.

Why you should choose wood from J&H Logs

Here are just some of the benefits of using J&H Logs’ seasoned dried hardwood logs:

  • Versatile: Ideal for use in wood-burning and multi-fuel stoves, open fires – and also outdoors in chimeneas, fire pits and pizza ovens.
  • Cleaner to carry and store: Carrying damp logs from your wood store to your log basket is quite a messy business. Storing a basket full of damp firewood in the corner of the room isn’t a good idea. The logs will start to dry out indoors, releasing moisture into the air you and your family breathe. Let’s not mention all the bugs that live in damp wood!
  • Quicker and easier to light: Apart from the obvious advantage of getting your fire going in a much shorter space of time, with dried logs you won’t need to use so much kindling and firelighters – saving you money.
  • More efficient: Dried woodfuel burns much hotter than damp logs. This means more heat per log. As a result, you'll need fewer logs to get your room toasty warm – and keep it that way for hours.
  • Much cleaner: Because they burn hotter, seasoned, dried hardwood logs are a much cleaner source of energy. This means less smoke and reduced deposits in your chimney. You won't need to scrub the glass windows of your stove so often so you can enjoy watching the fire’s warm glow.
  • Better for the environment: Burning dry woodfuel produces significantly less pollution than damp logs.

With J&H Logs, you can order your top quality seasoned hardwood logs and kindling online for swift free delivery – and we’ll barrow and stack them in your wood store at no extra charge. Come home to a real fire – with J&H Logs.

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