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Look after your logs

Look after your logs

J&H guide of the best way to store logs ensuring you get the best burn.

Logs absorb moisture, so please consider your location carefully.  They need to be protected from the elements, if the oncoming winds typically blow rain in a common direction, try and put them in an area which is as protected as possible.

The best way is to stack firewood, which we do for you -  neatly, close to a wall or fence. It is important to be quite precise as tight stacking will ensure that only the top layer will get damp if it rains. Also be sure to place a barrier on the ground, a pallet or some old wood beams to make sure there is air flow under the logs and not a direct connection with soil or grass.  

A log store features a raised floor and a slanted roof to help protect the firewood, however normally the front remains open which can cause issues with hard wet rain. But it is only the front of the logs that will get moist and these will quickly dry with the natural effect of the wind. 

For the best outcome of all, bring your dried wood inside for at least a day in advance. 

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