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Restaurant Grade Charcoal

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12 Kilo Premium Quality Restaurant Charcoal

·      Bigger, stronger & more stable heat

·      Excellent burn time and heat output

·      Longer burning making them ideal for slow cooking

·      Suitable for searing steaks to grilling haloumi

·      Packed in clean durable bags, so there’s less charcoal dust getting everywhere.

How Many of the Restaurant Charcoal to Use:

Normal Grilling Cover the cooking area of your BBQ with approximately 5cm deep of Restaurant Charcoal.

Remember It is always better to have too much than too little.

To Light:

Place several J&H natural firelighters on a bed of charcoal. Heap more charcoal over and around the firelighters. Light the firelighters with a long taper or match, wait for the flames to die down and for the briquettes to take on a greyish appearance - about 20 mins. Start to cook.

Remember cook over heat! Not over flames.


Please note all cooking times are approximate and depend on a range of factors, including quantity of charcoal and type of barbecue used, lighting method and weather conditions.

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